Lead Climbing Instruction
Looking to take your climbing to the next level?

Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym has the biggest and the best range of leading routes in the country.  Learn how to climb on the sharp end of the rope safely and enjoy the excitement found with lead climbing.
There are 3 lead climbing courses to choose from.

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Standard
  3. Extension

Core skills taught and assessed in each course include:

Ropes and knots Floor anchoring
Belaying with an “ATC” Spotting
Dynamic lead belaying techniques How to fall safely
Route Identification Body positioning
How to clip Safety calls
Common mistakes to avoid Rope management

Fundamentals Lead Course ($99)

Running through all the essential fundamentals to get you leading safely in a gym environment, the Fundamentals Lead Course is a good introduction for aspiring lead climbers looking to take their climbing to the next level.

Standard Lead Course ($120)

The Standard Lead Course runs through all the skills taught in the Fundamentals Lead Course plus extends climbers knowledge and skills base by introducing how to safely and correctly use the Petzl Gri Gri 2.
Widely considered as the benchmark for belaying safety, knowing how to use this auto locking belay device correctly and efficiently provides peace of mind to belayer and climber and is a must for all climbers looking to expand their climbing abilities.

Extension Lead Course ($150)

The Extension Lead Course includes instruction in all components of the previous 2 courses as well as individual coaching of more advanced lead climbing skills. This comprehensive course not only ensures you know how to lead climb and belay safely but also more efficiently and effectively.

A great way to fast track your improvement as a lead climber!

Times & course structure

All courses operate on a Saturday morning starting at 9am.
Note: the Standard and Advance Lead Courses are held on the same day and are a continuation of the Fundamentals Lead Course.

Private Instruction

If you already have your lead pass but would like to refresh or update your skills, click here for more information on Private Lessons.

What’s included?

All ropes, belay devices and hardware. Bring along your own belay device and rope to check its suitability.

Course registration and payment

Classes require a minimum of 2 students to run. If an individual, it may be possible to find you a partner or to join another group. If you do not have a partner contact Andrew either on 0423 725 971 or via email at andrew@sydneyrockclimbing.com.

To guarantee a place in a course registration should be made a minimum 48 hours prior to course commencement. If less than this contact Andrew (see above) first to confirm availability.

Fundamentals Lead Course 16.06.18 Cost: $99.00
Standard Lead Course 16.06.18 Cost: $120.00
Extension Lead Course 16.06.18 Cost: $150.00
Fundamentals Lead Course 23.06.18 Cost: $99.00
Standard Lead Course 23.06.18 Cost: $120.00
Extension Lead Course 23.06.18 Cost: $150.00
Fundamentals Lead Course 14.07.18 Cost: $99.00
Standard Lead Course 14.07.18 Cost: $120.00
Extension Lead Course 14.07.18 Cost: $150.00
Fundamentals Lead Course 21.07.18 Cost: $99.00
Standard Lead Course 21.07.18 Cost: $120.00
Extension Lead Course 21.07.18 Cost: $150.00

TOTAL: $0.00



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  Emergency Contact Name
  Relationship to Child


By lodging this application I state that I have read the enrolment conditions and agree to the conditions therein. If you have not filled in a Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym (SICG) waver form then you can do so here. All climbers must obey SICG's terms and conditions.

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