ROCKCAMP is a weekend and school holiday program aimed at introducing the exiting sport of indoor rock climbing to Sydney’s youth.

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Who is it for?

School holiday ROCKCAMP is for any student between 5 – 14 years old.

When is it?

School Holiday camps runs across both weeks of the holiday break (State school system). Summer ROCKCAMP operates throughout mid-January.

Camps are a combination of 1 and 2 days that run between:

9.00am – 12.30 pm for Half Day sessions and

9.00 am to 4.00 pm for Full Day sessions.

There is also an after additional climbing care option available from 4.00pm – 5.00pm ($15).

How much is it?

School holiday ROCKCAMP.
1/2 day camps: $55 (1 day)/ $110 (2 days)
Full day camps: $110 (1 day)/ $220 (2 days)

*10% early bird specials apply each camp.  Register early and save!

How do I book and pay for the camp?

Click here to register your child, once you complete the registration form you will be directed to a secure Paypal site where you complete the transaction.

Where is it?

ROCKCAMP school holiday program operates from Australia’s largest and premier climbing facility, Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym.  Home of the 2008 World Youth Championships, SICG’s walls offer the biggest and best variety of climbing in the country.

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Why choose rock climbing

Children love to climb!  Trees, buildings, fences and play equipment, you name it, kid’s love to climb it.  It’s a fun, exciting and a great way to explore natural curiosities.

ROCKCAMP – weekend/school holiday program embraces this natural desire to climb and harnesses it to teach the fundamentals of rock climbing in a fun, safe and rewarding environment.

What kind of things do you do at ROCKCAMP?

Rock climbing is more than just being able to get to the top of the wall.  There are many techniques and skills to learn and develop that help you along the way.  At ROCKCAMP your child will learn the fundamental climbing techniques that assist them to approach the climbs with new found confidence.

To help develop these skills and keep things fun and interesting ROCKCAMP incorporates loads of climbing related games and activities. These are a great way to interact with others, have fun and to enhance climber’s abilities.

What if my child is not very sporty?

Not being good at ball sports or at running does not mean you won’t enjoy or be good at climbing. Be surprised by how many “non sporty” people climb and you will understand why being typically sporty doesn’t matter.

At ROCKCAMP, sessions maximise participation by incorporating activities that cater for a range of abilities. From beginner to advanced levels, every ROCKCAMP member is capable of conquering their own mountain.

At ROCKCAMP it’s all about having a go.

You climb as high as you like, as hard as you like and…. almost as long as you like.

But I want my child to be interacting with others not just by themselves!

At ROCKCAMP there is also a strong emphasis on team work.  Many of the activities rely upon group interaction, co-ordination and co-operation from all team members.  Activities are designed so that each participant’s efforts are valuable to their group as a whole.

Is indoor rock climbing safe?

Yes.  Safety at Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym is taken very seriously.  SICG is vigilant in its maintenance of all safety equipment as well as ensuring all safety protocols are abided by and adhered to.

All ROCKCAMP participants are given a safety briefing on Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym’s safety procedures with camp members 10 years and older also receiving a comprehensive safety lesson in belaying (holding the ropes).

All ROCKCAMP instructors are experienced climbers that have passed the Working with Children Safety check.

Will a parent be required to be present?

No.  ROCKCAMP is a parent free zone leaving you to get back to work and on with your day.


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